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Differences between Marvel Loki and Myth Loki

Same as the other posts, just differences between the movie portrayal and mythological Loki. I will mention that yes in both portrayals Loki is a Jotunn, a trickster who can shape shift and has other magical abilities. However, Loki’s a complicated guy, a lot remains unknown about him.

  • Marvel Loki was abandoned at birth, Myth Loki wasn’t
    Pretty straight-forward. This is a huge part of what makes Marvel Loki who he is and is a plot pusher. Being abandoned by his father, when in mythology it’s safe to say he wasn’t. Which leads me to the next point:
  • Marvel Loki’s dad is Laufey, Myth Loki’s mother is Laufey.
    Not quite sure why Marvel changed Laufey’s gender but oh well. Laufey is Loki’s mother and he takes her name rather than his father’s which is interesting as most just take their father’s.
  • Hair color?
    This is actually a weak difference, because Loki’s hair color and physical appearance is never described in myths. All they say is that he’s handsome. Many assume it might have been red, due to his affinity with fire. But for all we know, Marvel just might be right on this.
  • Marvel Loki is single*, Myth Loki is married.  
    *Once again I talking about in the movies
    In myth, Loki is married to Sigyn, a goddess, together they had two children.
  • Marvel Loki has a rather tense relationship with Odin and Thor, Myth Loki not so much
    This, of course, changed after Loki killed Balder, Odin’s son. But before that they got along fine sans the tricks Loki often pulled and managed to enlist Thor’s help in several of them.
  • Marvel Loki is Odin’s adopted son, Myth Loki is his blood brother.
    Something I have already mentioned. Odin and Loki took a blood oath to be bffs brothers because they took an instant liking to each other. Odin liked all the knowledge Loki had and Loki thought Odin was cool. And so Loki was welcomed to Asgard and it was there that he also hung out with Thor.  
  • Marvel Loki wants to be King of Asgard, Myth Loki doesn’t.
    We’ve all heard Loki’s “I’m the rightful king of Asgard!” in the movies, but Myth Loki, seeing as how he was never adopted by Odin, never expressed a want to rule Asgard. Majority of the time, he was very loyal to Asgard.  
  • Loki’s punishment
    In Thor 2, Loki’s punishment is spent out in a rather cozy jail cell with furniture and good lighting.
    In mythology, after causing the death of Balder, Loki is chained up in a cave, with a serpent dripping poison on his upturned face. His wife Sigyn, holds a bowl over his face to stop the poison from hitting him, but has to dump it out every now and then, during the times it hits his face, he cringes and causes the world to quake.

    Loki will remain tied up until Ragnarok, the apocalypse, in which himself and other Norse deities are prophesied to die in the battle.
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