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AKA: Zarya, Zvezda, Zwezda

Origin: Slavic Europe


The Zorya, commonly known as the Auroras, are two, sometimes three, guardian goddesses in Slavic Mythology. They each represent a different “star”.

Morning Star: Zorya Utrennyaya, her job was to open the gates for the Sun’s chariot every morning. She was the goddess of horses, her planet is Venus and viewed as a brave warrior being prayed to during a battle for the warriors to avoid death.

Evening Star: Zorya Vechernyaya, she closes the gates for when the Sun returns at night. Also associated with either Venus or Mercury.

*Midnight Star: Zorya Polunochnaya, she’s the black sheep of the family since she’s nearly always left out. Every night the Sun dies in her arms only to be reborn. She’s viewed as a goddess of death, rebirth, and magic.

(She appears mainly in Neil Gaiman’s novel American Gods,*Name is made-up for the novel by the author himself as well as other parts of her character. All the Sisters actually appear in this novel, but information is rare about her.)

The main job of the sisters was to watch over the hound, Simgarl, who is chained to the North Star. If the hound would ever be set loose then he would devour the Ursa Minor, sky and stars, signalling Doomsday.

The Sisters were sometimes viewed as the wives of the Moon God, Myesyats and mothers of the stars, other times they were virgin goddesses. It really depends on where you read about them, or the story.

What if I see them?

Well according to the myths, you see them every night and day so be sure to say hello. And thank them for keeping the doggy on the leash so that he doesn’t destroy everything.

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